Monday, May 30, 2016

Sophie had a darn good run... (sad news)

Claydon Casts a Spell (officially), Sophie, Miss Sophie, and The Princess (to her friends and fans)... by whatever name you knew her... after many years of adventures near and far, our dear little Sophie left us on Friday night. 

As many of you know, she had suffered from numerous things over these past years, the most recent being re-occurring bouts of pancreatitis. This organ might be small, but the devastation it can cause is not.  What had been the beginnings of another bout, turned into a full-blown assault on her little body on Friday afternoon and, with little hope of recovery, a very tough decision was made in consultation with two of our wonderful veterinarian Doctors. 

This little dog did have​ a darn good run (14 years and 8 months), with lots of adventures, and many terrific beaches.  She accompanied us on journeys that even people might have balked at and certainly had more nautical miles under her collar than most sailors can boast. ​

​After sailing down the coast of North America, from Victoria to Mexico, she became adept at riding in kayaks and enjoying the wildlife of the Sea of Cortez; and she thoroughly enjoyed her beaches, Isla San Francisco being her pawns-down favourite.  A​s long as she was with us, she seemed content to tromp down every path, up every hill and across any patch of desert we should select. ​And, right to the last day, she did her best to keep up with us an​d to​ make us laugh with her crazy stabs at humor.  

She has been part of our life for a very long time and we will miss her very much.  But, as they say, she's in a better place now... no more pain, no more throwing up, no more discomfort.  Kathy always said the contract we make with our pets is that we'll make the tough decision when we know it's time.  

Friday, May 27, 2016,​ was her time... to move on with dignity after living a full and colorful life and after touching so many other lives along the way.

​Thank you for your continuing support of our adventures and our stories.  And, thank you for enjoying Miss Sophie's story as well.  Also, a special thanks to those of you who have, or will be, making a donation to your local SPCA in her memory.  

Carolyn & Kathy
SV Shannon's Spirit