Sunday, March 27, 2016

Lake Havasu City and The Outdoor Resort, Cathedral City...

We had a smooth drive to Lake Havasu City and booked into the Crazy Horse RV Park. We had a terrific visit with friends (Rx2)... shared a couple of good meals and did some major catching up... Great fun. Then, on Friday the 25th, we hit the road again and headed for Cathedral City (Palm Springs).

As lovely as ever!! We're here, settled in, and loving it. This time our site backs on to the 10th hole of the golf's like having front row seats at a perpetual golf tournament :-) With any luck, Miss Sophie will get used to the people tromping through her front yard (as she calls it) and stop barking at them. Thankfully she's pretty deaf and misses half of them :-) Also, as the weather warms up, many residents are heading home and the golfer numbers are dwindling rapidly. By 1530 hrs. there's no one on the course and we have an unobstructed view of green, green grass, beautiful flowers, and palm trees.

Kathy flies home to Ladysmith tomorrow.... Mom (Marg) is celebrating her 90th birthday on the 30th. She's an amazing woman and we're glad that at least one of us will be there for the party. Sophie and I will hold down the fort here... and catch up on the celebration when we get home.

We, like most of you, continue to monitor the fascinating adventure/thriller/reality TV show of American politics. Enough said.

All is well here... And we hope all is well with you and yours. Take good care... Adios for now.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Buckskin Mountain State Park...

We love this place! Came to it almost by accident, having thought we'd stay somewhere else...and then changing our minds.

After a terrific visit with friends in Yuma, we pressed on... continuing our meandering journey home (still determined to remain below the frostline until it's time to cross the 49th :-) Yuma was hot... and part of our search for the next resting place was elevation (hoping to find cooler temperatures). While Buckskin Mountain State Park isn't a lot higher than Yuma, it is nestled within a curve of the snaking Colorado River. As well as beautiful scenery, there is a fairly constant breeze which makes the heat more bearable. It's also on our route and lies approximately 30 miles south of Lake Havasu City.

We arrived here on Sunday the 20th and have enjoyed our stay. Just as the website says, the Park is well managed by very friendly Rangers and is nicely set out with (mostly) good sized sites. We stayed in Site 59 the first night and had a large grassy field with a clear view of the river as our backyard. For Monday and Tuesday we had to move to Site 1and it's fine too; not as near the river but nicely located for walks.

We've had some experiences during our short stay here... coyotes wander through at dusk and into the night (we've seen several and they're quite bold); there are several nice hikes in the surrounding hills and mountains (even Miss Sophie managed the hike up the nearby hill, with a little assistance up the stairs, to a viewpoint over looking the Park); dogs are allowed on the north beach and we spent one afternoon on our camp chairs snuggled into the beach with our toes in the water; and finally we've had a chance to connect with a group from RVing Women (the Arizona Chapter) a great bunch of gals enjoying road trips and camping together.

We move on today (Wed the 23rd) to Crazy Horse RV Park in Lake Havasu City where we will visit with friends before heading to Cathedral City and The Outdoor Resort.

We're doing well...Miss Sophie is still recovering from a little set back with bleeding ulcers (caused by the meds required during her previous 'incident'). What a spirit she has... just doesn't want to miss anything and still loves to play in the water and go for hikes. Lucy and Ricki are still getting along and seem to be a good fit. We know spring is coming. The desert flowers are starting to bloom and they're quite beautiful after all the dry sand. And, we know spring must be showing her face around home as well (really looking forward to being home for the spring gardens).

That's about all my news for now... We hope all is going well with you and yours. Take good care of each other and enjoy every day. Adios for now. CJ

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Monday, March 14, 2016

Monday, March 14th update

Hi out there...Just a quick update to let you know that...Kathy had a wonderful time in Kauai with her mom and returned to our little camp all in one piece; we spent a nice week at Canyon Lake seeing friends and enjoying the desert lake surroundings; and then we moved on.

We are now in Yuma, settled into our friends Lane and Kathy's winter home.... They have a great spot for Lucy and we re having a good visit and rest. We'll be here for a few days and then moving out to the Imperial Dam Proving Grounds to join friends who are dry camping there...

After that, we'll be heading to Lake Havasu City...

All is well with us... It's nice to be back on the Internet and able to send and receive messages. Hope all is well with all of you..... Talk again soon. CJ

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