Monday, March 9, 2015

Finally... A new address...

Still out there?  Waiting patiently for some news... any news?? Sorry for the lengthy pause...

You would be forgiven for thinking we'd scored seat
on one of the new, private 'flights' to the moon...  Given my propensity for typing (oops,
ust dated myself... make that
hitting the keyboard') at all hours of the day and night, what else could have wooed me away from these magical keys?

et's just say
​ we've been busy.​
Not only do we have a new address, but we
 also moved
​ in​
​ We're not fully installed yet as we still have some painting and flooring to do... and ​
​our furniture and belongings will remain in the care of the moving and storage company until we're ready for them.  But we, the Princess, four camp chairs, a low profile marine cocktail table... AND a couple of duffle bags full of clothes - have moved into our new digs. Oh, and there might be just a few boxes and bins of stuff that have tagged along and are stacked in the 

​We're really happy with our new home.  It's best described as an older but very well maintained rancher with a basement and it sits on an almost flat .48 of an acre of land.  We're in a quiet cul de sac and look across the street at a small neighbourhood park. We're right in the area we had hoped to live; not far from where we were, but in a much flatter area and with a little more room to breathe.

Let me share with you a delightful moment.  You may recall our Princess hasn't had the best of years.  And, although she's doing very well, she has become a little jaded with the lack of a steady address.  In fact, the other day when I said something about going home... she just rolled her little eyes...  "Home, she said, Which one this time?"  Anyway, last Tuesday, when we opened the front door to our new, empty home... she rushed in ahead of us.  Head high, eyes sparkling, little tail wagging she woke up right before our eyes.  With a big smile on her face she set off to explore.  She literally ran down the hallway ahead of us, checking out each room as she went... popping back into the hallway to keep her eye on us, and then running on to the next room to check it out.  I thought she was going to feint when we showed her the backyard. Typical poodle.. she thought she'd walked into the biggest salad bar in the world.  Caught her trying to eat her way through the yard (not possible).  She was so excited she ran in circles on the grass... just beside herself.  She was one happy little girl when she flopped herself down at the end of the exploration.  "This, she said very clearly, shall be my new home... and I love it".

So my friends, there you have it.  We've been off the air waves, but we've made progress... finally.  It feels good to be settling in... it feels darn good.  We all needed to take a break and spring is a beautiful time of year to be getting to know a new address.  

SV Shannon's Spirit is doing well.  She had a pretty major leak coming in from a starboard stanchion that has now been repaired and she is rests peacefully in the storage yard, waiting for the new season next fall.  We're sorry to have had to miss a sailing season... but it seems we have done some good work here at home.  It's all working out.

Thank you again, from the bottom of our hearts, to our friends and family who have been so supportive as we've worked through some pretty tough decisions. We are so blessed; by life and by friendship. 

We hope you are enjoying what spring weather you can.  I'm feeling just a little guilty when I look out the window at the daffodils... with the knowledge friends in the east may miss theirs completely by the time their snow drifts melt away. 

May the warm winds of March and April bring smiles to you all... adios for now.  CJ