Monday, December 8, 2014

Sophie in action - video repost

Hi again, 

It looks like some of you may not have gotten the links to the two videos of Sophie that were included in that last post.   Hopefully you'll get to see them this time....

(if not... click here: )

And here's a view of our pup in action....
(turn up your sound before playing the videos)

Sophie - checking out her new yard in Maple Bay

and enjoying the smells

Sunday, December 7, 2014

A photo update...

We've been remiss in not sharing photos with you... photos of Sophie, photos of SV Shannon's Spirit... stuff like that.

Hope you enjoy.....

Can't find your dog?  Look in the laundry basket!

Sophie's new digs... we even have grass.

We love grass!!!!

Sophie's new ride (for those long walks) ...  fit for a princess.

And here's a view of our pup in action....
(turn up your sound before playing the videos)

Sophie - checking out her new yard in Maple Bay

and enjoying the smells

And not to forget... Shannon's Spirit....

Refurbished rudder and hull... beautiful!
Awaiting our return to Mexico

... what we are all waiting for ....

Five Legged Kayaking


Home is where you lay your head… when you’re ‘homeless’…

Hi everyone.. it’s been a little while since we’ve checked in; it’s been kind of busy around here. Ten days have passed since Sophie’s surgery; they (and she) have demanded our complete attention. Our friends Jo and Penny have cared for us as if we were part of their family (in a way I guess we are) and we are so grateful. They put a roof over heads, made sure we ate well and provided love and good chuckles for us each day.  It was a nurturing care we didn’t even realize we needed.  But we did and with their help we calmed down, grew stronger, and became ready for the next step.

The first week after Sophie’s surgery was tough.  She was in pain; she was drugged; she was confused.  And, like every other dog out there, she insisted on continually trying to chew and lick her wound as well as rip out the stitches.  This required 24x7 care and was very tiring for all of us.  Today, 10 days into recovery, things are much calmer.  The wound is healing well, she is getting around on three legs without complaint, and we have a balanced medication schedule which is finally allowing us to get up to 6 hours uninterrupted sleep each night (a lot more than before).

The princess continues to have a good sense of humour and is up to her old tricks, trying to make us laugh.  One night, 2 in the morning, having demanded to go outside… she began to play with the shadows in the snow and as a grand finale, she tried to chase her tail… resulting in her crashing to the ground. She’s getting much more stable now and amazes all who see her with her strength and balance.

Yesterday, Dec. 6th, we moved into our next ‘home’.  It’s the basement suite of the house we will be house-sitting for the winter.  Ron and Catherine are friends from the yacht club and, as luck would have it, were in need of someone to care for their home while they’re away.  It’s a cozy house, overlooking Maple Bay and smack dab in the middle of the area in which we want to live. Our plans for the winter include working on unfinished projects, finding our new home, and working with Sophie as she continues her recovery. One of the local vets we know is skilled in acupuncture and physical therapy and we have invited her over to see how best we can help the princess. She’s coming by on Wednesday.

And so, dear friends, that is the update for today.  I’m going to post this now and intend to follow it up with a collection of photos taken during these past few months. I know we’ve promised before, but stay tuned… they are coming.

Hope you are all well and enjoying a short respite in the continuing winter storms…. stay well, talk soon.   CJ

Note from the tripawds:  “It’s better to hop on three legs, than to limp on four".”