Friday, June 27, 2014

Living Small...

You could be forgiven for thinking our lives were finally settling down.

After all... in the last year alone we've let go of our beloved good ship Shannon; traversed the US and parts of Mexico by land, sea and air in search of her replacement; taken on the refit of a summer boat (now nick-named "Holey Mojo" cuz of all the little fixin's needed); acquired Lucy (the cutest little Casita trailer); helped Kathy's mom move from her home of 50+ years to a very nice apartment in Ladysmith; fallen in love with fresh grapefruits off the trees growing on each lot at The Outdoor Resort in Cathedral City (not to mention the pools, tennis courts, and movie nights); finally (with the help of friends in La Paz) located a suitable boat for continuing our explorations in the Sea of Cortez and travelled to La Paz (during the sale of) and San Carlos to prepare her for sitting out the summer on the shipyard; and finally... prepared our home (a major task involving de-junking and major flower pot restorations) and listed it AND (yes, officially yesterday) sold it.  Phew... I got tired just writing that out!

So yes, you would think our life can now finally settle down; and for sure it will.  There's just this one, last push starting up.  In the next three weeks (yup, I said three... the new folks need the house pretty quick),  we need to sort out what stuff needs to go to Mexico with us, and what stuff we'll need for 'living small'. Most of our furniture, etc., will be heading to storage until next spring when we'll have time to 'shop' for a new home here in Maple Bay or near by, and/but we have to ID those things we'll need to be able to access as soon as we get home and before we retrieve all the belongings stored with the storage company.  That task.. the IDing of all the little things... is taking longer than the packing.  And, who knew how many boxes you can go through in the blink of an eye !  The house already looks like a maze with little pathways through piles of boxes here and there... hmmmm...  We haven't moved for the past ten years.  Now I know why! Thank fully we've had several friends come forward with room in their homes for some of those very fragile boxes, the instruments, some of the house plants, and most of the outdoor potted plants.  As well, friends have come forward to help do some of the packing and even my sister is abandoning her little piece of paradise on Saturna Island to dive in to our mountain of stuff and help pack for a few days.  I know we'll get there in time (moving day is July 15th) but I must confess, at the moment, the job awaiting us feels staggering.

We will be 'living small' from mid-July until mid-September when we begin our usual trek south in Chuck the truck (and this year with Lucy).  While we're here our home-base (temporary address) will be in Crofton (home of dear friends) but our daily life will include cruising on the SV (sailing vessel) Mojo and camping in the TT (travel trailer) Lucy. You'll be able to find us lurking in and around the waters and anchorages of the Gulf Islands or camped out on Quadra Island and other such lovely places.

So until there's time to write again, please know you're in our thoughts... and that we're busy stuffing things into boxes and wishing we'd taken the time when we had it to sort and pitch :-)  We've heard from many of you who follow this blog and I just want to say thank you.  It makes writing all the more fun when you can believe that someone out there is enjoying your words and even, now and then, sharing the visions...  That makes a writer feel pretty good.

We hope all of you are doing well and that the summer weather is kind to you as we move forward into what will likely be one of the warmest summers we've had yet.  Take good care.  Will write again when we have some adventures to share... and after we've become temporarily and only ever-so slightly 'homeless'.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Hola... and please let us introduce you to.....

It's been a long time since we've written, and much has happened during the interim.

Kathy, enjoying sea trials

Suffice to say, we haven't been sloughing off or otherwise avoiding arduous labour (such as working on a boat in 100 degree heat in San Carlos), or intensive planning (like buying a boat situated in Mexico, but being sold in the US to a Canadian... which is never easy), or spur of the moment travel (twice:  once Kathy alone - to La Paz to oversee inspections and surveys... and then both of us, just recently, to San Carlos to complete the deal and put the boat to bed for the summer), or...  mega spending (requires no explanation.. it's a boat!!), or hours of torturous decision making (perhaps we're crazy.. but hey, you're reading this... so we're in good company :-)  ...  and so, yes we've been busy...

We've been buying a boat!!!!!

Hauling out for final survey...

Please let us introduce you to  (and you have to work with us a bit here because it's going to take almost two months before her new name becomes official.. but we're pretty sure our first choice will pass muster).....

Please let us introduce you to..........        SV Shannon's Spirit

SV Wild Goose (Shannon's Spirit)

2006 Universal diesel

Shannon's Spirit is a 1986 Catalina 34 and she's currently waiting for us in San Carlos, Mexico.  'Tis true, she's a little older and a little smaller than we'd envisioned.. but the facts are in.. she's got good bones, more than enough equipment, a sufficient amount of room, a 2006 Universal diesel with just over 1000 hrs. (that's a 'very good thing'), dinghy davits, a shower, hot and cold pressure water, self tailing winches, two cabins, lots of cushions and covers, and a few small projects to keep us out of trouble.  Her colours are currently more blue than green... but who knows what will happen over time...  :-)

Finally!  Self-tailing winches
Named "Wild Goose" in her previous life, the boat has spent most of her time in southern California and was sailed down the coast to Mexico in 2011 by Dennis and Sheri Massion (her most recent owners).  She's stayed pretty much in the Baja side of the Sea of Cortez and they've sailed her between San Carlos and La Paz several times.  She knows the route.

We'll be 'living' in San Carlos for the month of October while we work on those 'small projects' and before we leave in early November to sail across the Sea to the Baja and down to La Paz for Christmas.

We hope you are all enjoying a good start to summer and enjoy the few photos we have to share.

Adios for now ...  will write again soon...  CJ