Sunday, April 24, 2011

Slowly but surely...

A little update for those of you who are following along:  4 days to splashdown !  Well, they say this April has been the coldest in recorded history.  We'd have to agree.  Shannon's been 'up on the hard' since April 1st and for the past 3 weeks (except a day here and there) we've had cold, cold winds, rain.. even sleet and hail...  Despite the weather we have made some progress and Shannon now sports two new opening port-lights; re & re & re hatches (both forward and cabin hatches were removed, repaired, reglassed and re-installed); a re-installed transom boarding ladder (moved to the side to make room for the wind-vane); a third solar panel; a polished hull; a fresh bottom paint (2 coats); a polished propeller and new zincs; an inspected and declared sound rudder (which now has an emergency steering hole strategically placed for easy access); a new heads counter top and refurbished sink and water spout; a new foot pump for the heads sink water and new water lines and filter between water tank and sink; a new 'slim-line' book case installed on the wall where the heads door used to rest when it was open (door now removed and replaced with a curtain); all remaining water lines replaced with new hose (all remnants of pressure water system now removed); wine glass rack installed in galley (very important !); PSS shaft seal inspected and declared fit; engine mounts checked and declared fit; all batteries in place and secure; remote control (well really just a 'hand-held' control) for windlass installed; holes and ugliness left over from original cabin window and curtain installations repaired and improved upon; and a few other little things I can't remember just now.  We've still lots to do and work will continue both in the shipyard and once Shannon's returned to her berth.  Our goal...  to be sailable for opening day at the Club (May 7th) and together enough to head over to Steveston for May 9th (Dad's birthday) and a few days of continued outfitting over there.  Will write later to let you know how that went...  There are some days the list just seems to grow longer instead of shorter... but reading the blogs of friends who are already doing what we aspire to do can be very uplifting and a real boost to the energy levels...  Oh yes... we also raised the water line on dear Shannon because   ...light beer... isn't...!   :-)


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

April Showers...

Well here it is April and the good ship Shannon is up on the hard at the Maple Bay Shipyard... surrounded by soppy wet mud, soaked by spring rains, and shivering in winter temperatures. Six degree temps do now entice one away from the warm fire and out into the elements...  but carry on we must. Besides scraping, sanding and repainting her bottom, our plans include repatching (with paint) her hull sides, replacing the two opening portlights, removing and repairing both cabin hatches, revarnishing all exterior wood, installing the third solar panel, finishing off the electrical work, painting and reno'ing the heads, installing a thru-hull transducer and a myriad of other jobs on the awaiting task list.  Kathy's retired now so there'll be two of us working on her full-tilt-boogey... or as much as weather and energy will permit. Despite the long list of things 'tudu'... our dear little ship does appear to finally be coming together.  No doubt we'll still have much to do when it's time to leave... but that would just make us normal... wouldn't it?